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Top 5 serious dating sites

You also wonder what site to choose when is looking for a serious relationship and that we are tired of wasting time on chat sites like and Chat Random or waiting for a miracle? Do not give up, here are our Top 5 safest serious dating sites to search and find love


The champion all categories and pioneer of the online dating has resumed the hair of the beast. After a slump of a few years, Tinder has reinvented itself and resume its stripes ... Today the site offers events "IRL", aperitifs, outings, cooking classes, and many new features formerly reserved for its competitors more modern (Adopte, Tinder etc.) Today many users use Tinder which reassures by his seniority and its vocation "serious", even if some use the site or the app for relations more ephemeral ...

TinderDating.Site is for you if: - You want to have a maximum of choice - You want to participate in events organized by Tinder - You have time to devote to the virtual meeting

More of the site: - Very popular site - Many registered The least of the site: - Sorting required - Certain additional services

''' Fetlife'''

Pioneer of online dating and very open in its operation, has always offered a section "Love" which is for all those seeking only serious meetings. Whatever your situation, you will find on the site partners that meet your expectations, because Fetlife has a very large community spread throughout France where all categories and all age groups are represented. Also note the chat with webcam or audio and video presentations of different profiles. An effective, accessible and popular site.

Fetlife is for you if: - You want to have a maximum of choice - Your search is accurate - You have time to devote to the virtual meeting

More of the site: - Strong popularity - Reasonable prices - Also open to homosexuals - Separation serious encounter / naughty encounter

The least of the site: - Sorting required among the many profiles - Classic and not very innovative concept


A relatively recent site which as its name suggests surfs on the wave of geolocated meetings but serious. is rather popular and announces more than 150,000 new registrants each week, enough to find much to his foot so, provided you get serious because it's still a lot of possibilities ... Another advantage of the service, a ratio announced 56% of women to 44% of men, this is good news because generally women tend to be less numerous than men in this sector (although the online meeting has largely democratized and affects today) also representatives of both sexes ...)

DoubleList? is for you if: - You want to have a lot of choices - You favor local meetings - You have time to devote to the virtual meeting

More of the site: - Popular site - Many registered and registered - Open to Gay community

The least of the site: - Sorting required - No IRL events or stunning features

Elite Singles

Elite Singles is a relatively new site on the French market that was launched by the German creators of eHarmony. The principle is the same as on eHarmony, the registrant must submit to a personality test supposed to make it possible to come into contact with "compatible" profiles. This test is quite long and complete, count well thirty minutes to overcome it. Once the test is complete you will have access to the site, well done and ergonomic, but restricted by the impossibility to contact the profiles considered "non-compatible".

Elite Singles is for you if: - Looking for a strong and lasting relationship - You want a personality test to select profiles that match you - Your search is serious and demanding - You are over twenty-five years old

More of the site: - Personality test - Ergonomics and functionalities The least of the site: - High rate - Contact limited to "compatible" profiles - No chat

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