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Airless Sprayers are widely known for its specialty in applying a variety of coatings at high production rates. However, since airless spray is primarily designed for higher production and less fine atomization; therefore, many people are questioning the airless sprayers’ ability for a fine finish. Actually, airless paint sprayer can also be used for applying fine finishes, but you need to make some changes in it, such as:

Select an Airless Tip
Your tip is one of the important factors that can help you achieve a finer finish. Usually, the material will pass through two orifices, typically at lower pressures than traditional airless tips, and result in finer atomization. Generally, these tips are best used for material that is not highly viscous but it can also be used on each coating characteristics; that is why you need to try the tip with your coating to figure out whether it will provide a finer break up or not. In most cases, fine finish is used for many purposes, such as stains, lacquers, varnishes, and urethanes. Furthermore, coatings are usually best applied on wood substrate as it tends to be more visible when they are not atomized thoroughly.

Change Your Airless towards Air Assist Airless
In terms of atomizing coating, Airless and Air Assist Airless Paint Sprayers are slightly different. Air assist airless uses air and pressure of fluid against a tip to help atomize coating. The atomization that is produced by Air Assist Airless is similar to HVLP spraying.

On the other hand, airless sprayer only uses fluid pressure which results in less fine of finish. You can also use your airless sprayer pump on air assist airless spray gun and you will get a better atomization from your air assist airless. Bear in mind that you have to be able to supply regulated air to the air assist airless spray gun if you want to use an air assist airless spray gun with your airless unit.

Combine both for Gaining More Benefit
It can be said that fine finish is not the main specialty of airless spray gun. However, you can also produce the best result if you include a fine finish tip on your air assist airless spray gun, in fact, you’ll be surprised by how good your airless sprayer can produce a fine finish.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you can produce a fine finish with your airless sprayer. Therefore, you do not only use your airless sprayer for distributing coating, but you can also  use it for a fine finish. Good luck!

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