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Poker Pro Ted Forrest Wanted for Bad Checks

Police have issued a warrant for poker pro Ted Forrest, who’s accused of theft and writing bad checks.

The 6-time WSOP champion is charged with two felonies, including writing and passing a check without sufficient funds with the intent to defraud and theft.

A complaint filed with the Las Vegas Justice Court names William Edward Forrest, claiming that he had insufficient funds when he tried writing two checks totaling $215,000 between October 28, 2012, and May 17, 2013.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Forrest’s lawyer, Chris Rasmussen, argues that he doesn’t owe the casino any money. Instead, Rasmussen says that his client extended a line of credit at the casino.

“We believe this is a long-standing civil dispute,” says Rasmussen. “And now that he’s in a dispute with them, they’ve moved to prosecute.”

Papers filed in Clark County District Court show that Forrest signed a confession in 2013 that he owed the Wynn $270,000. He agreed to make one payment of $170,000, and 10 monthly payments of $10,000.

Forrest didn’t live up the the arrangement according to court records from July 2015, but the case was still closed.

In September 2015, The Mirage launched a lawsuit stating that Forrest got $100,000 in credit and owed $40,500 from a 2013 loan. A judge ruled in the casino’s favor, although it’s unclear whether or not the poker pro honored the judgement.

With over $6.3 million in tournament winnings and previous sponsorship deals, Forrest had made a lot of money through poker. He also won a $2 million weight loss bet with Mike Matusow in 2010 after dropping 50 pounds in a few months.

Forrest would later reveal in an interview that Matusow has only paid him $70,000 of the debt. And the way it looks, Matusow’s money won’t be coming any time soon.

Now Forrest seems to be having money troubles of his own since he can’t pay back hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of casino debts.

Last modified:2018/11/17 13:49:01