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Hydroflange Slip On Flanges

As the name says, Hydroflange Slip On Flange actually slip over the pipe or tube. They have a larger inside diameter than the pipes outer diameter and for this reason, they as act as attachments and are in link to the pipe using fillet weld present at the bottom and top of the Flanges. Basically provided with a raised or flat surface, Slip On Flange have a standard height of 1/16 inches which helps them to slip easily on pipe systems. In fact, there are Slip On Flange which have 400# and up, their face height is raise up to 1/4.Hydro Flanges manufacturers produce Slip On Flange in all materials grades such as steel, carbon, stainless steel, alloy, etc. With Hydros huge warehouse and storage facility, we have a huge stock of Slip On Flange output readily stored and ship anytime. Moreover, we also include production of Slip On Flange Flanges like AWWA Slip On pipe Flanges, Pressure Vessel Slip On pipe Flanges, ANSI Slip On pipe Flanges and Slip On pipe Flanges which are harmonious to OD and drilling of ASME Flanges. Read more about Slip On Flanges :-

Last modified:2017/04/08 19:06:14
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