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Arihant Fittings Monel Flange

Arihant tube and fittings is the leading Monel Flanges Supplier. Arihant Fittings Monel Flange are of high Resistance. Our prime concern is customer satisfaction. We put extra efforts in offering the best in class value added services to our esteemed clients. We testify all our products separately on various parameters in order to eliminate any scope of defects. Our company is one stop destination dealt with the manufacturing of fine quality Monel flanges. Flanges manufactured at ARIHANT TUBE AND FITTINGS are connection supports used in pipeline to connect two major pipelines. The mechanical support provided by flanges provides a steady equipment design for the pipeline. For supporting a greater mass, a heavier flange body is required. The structural strength provided by the flange is a great value addition required in the pipeline design. Flanges are connected to each other with the use of fasteners and gaskets. Monel is an alloy that contains nickel and copper. Monel flanges can only be hardened by cold working. Monel as a material can be welded, brazed and soldered. Due to the high copper content in monel flanges it can be rapidly attacked by nitric acid and ammonia systems. Monel flanges have hands down one of the best resistance levels to neutral and alkaline salt. They also offer some resistance to hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids. Monel flanges are known world over as strong corrosion resistant and rust resistant flanges.

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