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Logitech G500 gaming mouse - Gaming Mouse Review

Computer mice manufacturers. I almost bet that at least half mentioned Logitech. Although the market is heavily marketed, the Swiss company established in 1981 has not lost its position. The G500s is a good indication of this.

It's not about any basic breed, which is evident not only from a fairly salty price, but also from a list of attributes. The stylishly packaged G500 are clearly targeted for serious gamers. The mouse lean on the long-standing mouse tradition of the company, nevertheless, never mind modern, even futuristic design.

The black-colored cardboard box exudes cutting-edge technology. The texts of electric light emphasize the impression, as well as the fine cut of the lid on the device itself. A view of the mouse creates a picture of modern high tech. But the more important the package is, the kind of device itself.

Much more fashionable

There are some types of rats in store shelves, but if the oddest queens are forgotten, there are two design directions in the mice. The G500 is a model that supports the whole hand and supports the whole hand. This rat is not touched with fingertips, but taming requires a good curvature.

The design is very typical for Logitech's game mice, even clicheé. A clear thumbnail and a tilted backrest mean that the device is not suitable for left-handed people. The third thing, but on the other hand, asymmetrical design offers the opportunity to shape the shape of the hand much more symmetrically.

Material selection has sought both visibility and usability. The smooth back is decorated with futuristic images with creative motifs. The coarse coat of matt faces guarantees a sturdy grip without feeling uncomfortably in hand.

Sturdy he represents a braided design that guarantees durability. On the USB connector side, there is a standard strain relief. At the end of the mouse, the cord extends firmly inside the device. The joint does not swing or natise, even if the mouse gives a little fuss. The G500 also offers the ability to adjust the feel of working with extra weights. The stylish webbing in the stylish metal case comes with a total of a dozen. Half of the weights are 1.7 grams weighing and half the 4.5 grams weights.

The weights are clicked onto a carriage that can fit up to six pounds at a time. The pressure roller is easy to slip in from the hole in the bottom of the mouse. The sledge will be removed by pressing the button, although a fully loaded ballast will have to be slightly shaken to detach it.

The G500 is not the smallest possible mouse, so the adjustment of 4.5 grams weighs a little bit more demanding. Adjusting the weights may seem like a hissing, but in the continuous use a slight difference in weight is noticeable. Gram mall does matter.

Unsustainable efficiency

The range of stars is also kept on some traditional tracks. Its specialty is the roll of the center button, which, at the touch of a button, can be rotated either completely freely or alternatively one at a time. The feel on the roll is good in both ways.

In addition to rolling and clicking, the roll also acts as its own buttons on either side of the tilt. These buttons also have a good and brisk feel. It is not possible to make a mistake. In addition to the basic buttons, three buttons are reserved for the thumb. Thumbs are designed so that their use is relatively easy. Last but not least, buttons on the index finger placed on the side of the index finger are used to adjust mouse precision.

Accuracy settings are one of the strengths of the G500. Adjustment ranges from 200 dpi to 8200 dpi. Logitech Gaming Software lets you adjust your settings. A variety of precision settings can be defined up to five pieces. Switching between them makes it easy to press the button and the selected setting at a glance can see at a glance the embedded indicator light in the mouse shell.

Like the SteelSeries mouse and its successor Sense, the G500 precision settings can be stored directly in the mouse memory. This will keep the settings even if the device is used on more than one computer and no adjustments need to be made each time. At first it is a great feature for at least those who do not tie their mice to a single machine.

Logitech Gaming Software also offers the ability to program mouse functions as new. You can tie up the buttons with normal mouse functions, including macros on the keyboard. Macro editor also allows for delays, though the tool does not, in this regard, rank among the most accessible ones.

The stylish device therefore has enough adjustment and features. Also the most important, that is, the performance is okay. The G500 slides steadily on the platform. Accuracy is also at the level of promises. The pointer goes where it should be, there was a Mousepad or a shiny table surface on the base. In game use, mouse behavior is difficult to find a netting topic.

When the device feels good on all sides, it's time to ask yourself a bunch of questions. Do you want a cheap mouse? Then the G500 is not the right choice with the 80 Euros. Do you enjoy streamlining? Logitech's traditional mucus model may not match your needs. Do you want ruthlessly buttons, levers and other thrills? Maybe in this case you need a bit more special device.

If the answer to all the questions in the previous paragraph was negative, the Logitech G500 is a good, even excellent mouse choice. High performance, well formatted and technically durable rat is the best choice for gaming circuitry. Swiss quality work has not been diluted over the years. Dominoqq toto hongkong bandarq bandar sakong >casino online >nonton bokep >liga365 >agen bola