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Does Kegel Exercise Could Restore Virginity?

Yes, Kegel exercises have proven successful to tighten the already loosened vaginal muscles but can not to restore virginity.

Because one of the ways to restore virginity is to perform keperawaan operations. <a

However, many women who have trained their vaginal muscles using this technique have reported to have seen a significant difference in their vaginal stiffness. With this being said, you do not see results overnight by doing your kegel exercises, and it can take several weeks even months to see some kind of effect

However, once you get used to daily or weekly Kegel routines, you win in the long run, because tightening your vaginal muscles is not just for sex pleasure, and improves your confidence, but also a great way to have good control over your bladder, and for women this is a big problem especially as you get older.

In my experience, if you do it consistently every time, Kegel exercises really work well! You need to do it several times a day for 8-10 weeks (which is easy because they are very wise). It will also strengthen your pelvic muscles, which consequently, will also strengthen your vaginal wall.

So now I know that Kegel exercises work from time to time, I'd love to try something else that will give faster results, and also last longer. This is why this vagina workout is my second choice for natural and effective toning treatments.

Last modified:2018/05/25 16:52:14
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