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**mod_dosevasive is an evasive maneuvers module for Apache to provide evasive action in the event of an HTTP DoS or DDoS attack or brute force attack. It is also designed to be a detection and network management tool, and can be easily configured to talk to ipchains, firewalls, routers, and etcetera. mod_dosevasive presently reports abuses via email and syslog facilities.
**[[mod_rpaf を試してみました|]]
**ModSecurity is an open source intrusion detection and prevention engine for web applications.
**The Apache module that will protect your scripts against hacker's input !
** mod_fortress is an application level firewall and intrusion detection system designed to intercept certain CGI/HTTP attacks by acting as a non-transparent proxy between an Apache server and an HTTP client.
**WASap is an Apache module (version 1.3.x), which acts as an Application level Firewall. It can filter and block malignant requests.
*[[WebLog Expert|]]