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Om tubes is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Pipes of various grades and materials worldwide. Monel 400 pipes is an exquisite alloy which is used in many industrial applications. Being a successful producer of finished [[Monel 400 Pipes at Om Tubes|]] which is demanded in companies from Africa, Europe and the middle-east. Our products are not only pristine in quality but we always hold a ready stock of our products for urgent requirements. Any demand for pipes, around the globe, can be met by Om tubes on a ready basis.

Om Tubes Monel 400 Pipes is a Nickel-copper alloy with small amounts of iron, manganese, carbon and silicon. It is composed of 66% nickel and 22% Copper. It has incredible resistance towards various acids and alkalis. It can withstand rough sea waters and steam at high temperatures. This alloy has good weld ability and it hardens only by cold forming. Its mechanical properties are commendable as it has melting point of 13500c and a density of 8.8 g/cm3. Om Tubes being Monel 400 Pipes Stockiest provides you with best quality & services. Such characteristics make it extremely feasible to work at high temperatures and corrosive environments. We provide Fine Quality Monel 400 Pipes at Om Tubes.

[[Monel 400 Pipes at Om Tubes|]]