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Super Duplex Pipes

Instinox is a manufacturer and distributors of super duplex pipes. At Instinox, we are pledged to instant delivery of all our pipes. We also have same day shipping of all goods. This is made possible because we have the largest stock in the country of finished as well as unfinished Super Duplex Pipes Supplier. We are distributors of Super Duplex pipes in over 13 countries worldwide such as UAE, USA, Australia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Serbia etc. We offer 100% product replacement warranty on all Super Duplex pipes sold. Along with our impeccable after sales service we also offer 100% product replacement warranty on all super duplex steel pipes, We comply with ASIM, ASME,ANS& DIN standards. Unlike other distributors we do not subject to high pricing of our goods due to supplier commission, Our competitive prices on super duplex steel pipes are what makes us one of the most economical distributors in the country. Fine Quality Super Duplex Steel Pipes at Instinox In premium quality. Read more about Super Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe:-

Last modified:2017/03/09 16:08:37
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