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Duplex Supply are [[Steel Sheet Stockists|]] in India over a past few Decades. Duplex Supply provide is that high name in metal business since past few years and most promising complete in a matter of Quality. Duplex provide is very famed for manufacturing varied metal merchandise like Steel Sheets, flanges, tubes, pipes, fasteners etc. Stainless Steel sheets area unit the flat things of metal that area unit bands. Steel Sheets at Duplex Supply are of high resistance. Forming Steel Sheets is that the foremost philosophy kind of metalwork and can be mold into any shapes. Moreover, various objectives of everyday use area unit made up of steel sheets. Buy Fine Quality Steel Sheets at Duplex Supply.

The thickness of those sheets differs skinny thickness area unit taken as foils or leaf and items thicker than 6mm area unit taken as a plate. These sheets area unit out there in flat items and volume strips. Through the roll slitter, continuous forming of the coil goes on through the metal sheet. There is a unit completely different applications for sheets and plates. There are larger structural parts like bridges, turbines, ships, and boilers etc.

[[Steel Sheet Stockists|]]