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Yesterday I had a wonderful moment. I met a student in the USA who will give my transcript and resume to a professor so he can recommend me to apply for a PhD program.

The chances of being accepted are nearly zero but it was a nice gesture anyways.

If you are a student dealing with research in physics or engineering programs, you'll invariably deal with scientific applications and programming.

For example for geophysics and Geo engineering, there's a lot of seismic data coming from government agencies which we can process using MatLab or other earth science third party programs. And calcualte where the earthquake's epicenter and see the correlation between human activity and the seimic data.

A computer or laptop does not need to be that powerful for such applications as explained on this website which explain the best :

[[Science Laptops!|]]today. today. They don't need to be that powerful just a good amount of RAM and a decent processor speed will doĦ£

However for finite element analysis and other engineering software, we may need a little boost in performance:[[Engineering|]]performance:

Either the most important thing to get into a phD program is having a professor backing your applications or having a lot of research experience to see if you are useful for their research and program.

I will see next week what are the news.