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GIFT's Wiki - Affordable Tube Fitting at Arihant Fittings Diff

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We are one of the leading finest manufacturer and supplier of tube fittings. We Sell Affordable Tube Fittings at Arihant Fittings. Tube-fittings is gaining the popularity in the name of ferrule fittings, instrumentation fittings, compression fittings. Tube fittings are developed in various set of categorized section, some of which named as Nickel Alloys and Stainless Steel. We usually manufacture fitting for household requirements. A great bulk of requirement comes for connectors, expansion joints, fittings coupling, elbow fittings, push-in nipple, gland, bulkhead fittings, and plug. There are 3 key phases involved in the design of tube fitting, which includes port size, material type and tube size. We have a wide range of comprehensive portfolio of products when it comes to tube fittings.

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